Create a love that lasts forever

Create a love that lasts forever


About MarriageBooster®

Marriage Booster is, at its core, a large-scale effort to educate people about the basic principles on how love truly works.

The world is fed with so much misinformation by people claiming to be relationship experts – when, in actual fact, they don’t know the simple secret of how love and ultimate fulfillment works.

Our mission is to educate and guide couples all around the world, equipping them with the knowledge of how to create, and maintain, a love that lasts forever.

Sigurd Vedal is the brain behind MarriageBooster.

Sigurd has had his fair share of experience in relationships. He is divorced, and is a passionate father to three boys.

Sigurd’s skills and in-depth knowledge about relationships come from over a decade of researching people.

He has developed a number of well-known international dating sites and applications, allowing him to gain concrete insight into the perfect matchmaking algorithms.

He has conducted extensive scientific research amongst the members of his dating sites, allowing him to crack the scientific and psychological code on love and matchmaking.

Sigurd has experience working with some of the best relationship experts in the world, and has assisted in saving countless marriages through his simple, yet effective, counselling methods.

Book Sigurd

Love recognises no boundaries, and neither do we. Book a coaching session wherever you are in the world! From the comfort of your home, after a tough day at the office, or even over your morning coffee – Sigurd is available to help you rediscover and rebuild your love..

“I want to create an impact on people’s lives. Are people happy or not happy? The answer is always related to work or relationships.”


Sigurd is available either via Skype, phone or email. When signing up, please include your preference, and a few dates and times that would be best for you to connect.

Learning about relationships came from Vedal’s own struggles. All of the characteristics to build the flames, learn triggers, and develop self-help programs are derived from his more than 35 years of experience.

  • he has built several international dating sites and applications
  • developed and worked with match making algorithms over 20+ years
  • helped more than 200 couples in person to overcome their struggles in marriage


Do you have any questions for me before booking a coaching session? Ask away.